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Kin Info
While as a kin we consider ourselves ‘casual’ we have, with our friends, been able to start raiding. There is no obligation for anyone in the kin to join for raids (or any other kin events) if they do not want to. We have players in the kin who don’t raid at all and others who raid with us whenever possible. For those who do express an interest in raiding we do try and involve them and likewise if someone enjoys raiding but doesn’t get online much we will include them where possible.

All new content that arrives in game, we like to investigate as an allience and not use guides or previous experience, these guides do not always work for how we group / raid as a kin/alliance. This does not mean you cant contribute to how things are done but please ensure its suggested in the correct way.


We have a ventrillo server for the use of the kin and friends, and would ask that everyone that does want to join the raiding experiance has this installed. Its a free download, and talking is optional, but for those people that lead the raids it is invaluable to be able to talk instead of type instructions. Its also really good way to get to know your fellow kin members andother friends.

Times & Frequency

The raids are put up either on our calender. There are times when we have very little raid activity (if any) for a couple of weeks running and kinfolks just find other things to do.

Our raiding events start at 20.00 hrs (UK time) with and invite time of 19.45 and have an end time of 22.30 hrs with an extra 30 minutes leeway where needed, so our raids are guaranteed to not continue past 23.00 hrs. We have this end time in place so kinfolks who have an early start can join us.

Selecting a Group

Although we endeavour to be inclusive in terms of selecting the raid groups, there are events whereby we need to select an experienced team in order to explore newer content and establish tactics. When this is the case the event posting will make this clear. This is to support the kin raiders overall having the greatest opportunity to develop successful tactics for harder content.

Casual Approach

Our approach to raiding is casual based in that we do not take it seriously, we often have folks in the raid who are new to raiding and understand that learning a new raid as well as getting used to the raid environment can be a steep learning curve. When things go wrong we consider if we can do things differently and try again. What we don’t do is shout at people or embarrass them in front of the raid. We encourage input on tactics as much as possible, but the final say is normally left to the Raid or Kin leader.

We do like to make progress with our raids and only take those who are ‘ready’ in terms of gear, traits and experience relevant to the raid (e.g. we won’t take someone who is missing a key legendary trait for their class or take someone who has never raided before to the hardest raid in the game etc). This is because the aim is for the group to enjoy the experience, we may not always get the boss down but it is important that those in the raid feel that we are making progress and a sense of satisfaction. Also Raid can be a hugely different experience from solo or fellowship play, and we may ask people to join a Raid for a lower level to gain experience. The section Benchmarks has the minimum requirements for virtues etc for each class.


We like to keep our loot system simple. If you need something and will use it you can roll for it. However we do like as many folks to take something away from the raid with them as possible, therefore we only allow folks to win one major item per raid week.

Legendaries (symbols, crystals, crystals of rememberance)
To help kin raiding progress, we want to kit out people participating in raids to with 2nd-ages for their raiding character.
Characters without 2nd-ages will be prioritized for symbols.

If you win more than one symbol, crystal, or crystal of rememberance in a run, we ask that keep the item you most want for yourself, and offer the others up to the raid. People who hasn't won anything in the run will be prioritized, after that a free roll.

Jewellery and armour
Jewellery/armour is yours if you get it when it drops.
If you're not gonna use it, you're expected to offer it to raid/kine (in that order).